Tattoo Flash Event

Together we can make a difference!

Let your voice be heard!

My name is Krista Reid, a tattoo artist at Oak & Iron in Buffalo, NY. In 2022, our shop manager Bri and I organized this event in response to the overturn of Roe v Wade. This is our third year running the nationwide flash event to raise money for National Network of Abortion Funds.

Body autonomy goes beyond our reproductive rights. It’s the right to consent. The right to choose. The right to be yourself. We raised 400k with all of your help and we want to continue adding to that donation, continue making noise, and continue fighting for our rights!


Raised and counting!
Since July 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Client FAQ’s

What is the pricing for tattoos?

That’s completely up to the shop/artist. Most shops will post specific details closer to the event date. Keep a look out on your local shop’s social media.

What if I can’t attend?

Feel free to share the event to get the word out. If you’re able to donate to NNAF that would be so helpful!

How can I book an appointment?

How shops/artists book is completely up to them. Keep a look out on your local shop’s social media to see how they will be running the event. 

Where Can I get the tattoo placed?

Most shops will only tattoo arms and legs, but this is up to each shop/artist.

Where can I view the FLash designs?

Follow us on Instagram for updates and designs!

FAQ’s for Shops/Artists

Can I Participate as an artist/Shop?

The deadline to join as a participating artist/shop is July 1st for the 2024 event!

How Can I Sign up as an artist/Shop?

Click the Participating Studios Tab on our website and fill out the sign up form at the bottom of the page.

What if I can’t Participate?

Feel free to share the event to get the word out. If you’re able to donate to NNAF that would be so helpful!

What Should the Tattoos be priced at?

That’s your choice as a shop/artist. Most will be pricing each tattoo at $100-$150 each.

Can I host the event on another date?

Yes, whatever date works best for you/your shop. Keep us updated so we can keep the website updated!

What Percentage are we donating?

Many shops are donating 100% but we understand supplies aren’t cheap, some may even be rescheduling appointments to host this event. 75% Minimum! Receipts of donations are required to be sent to or future participation will be revoked. This event is not an opportunity for a quick cash grab or free promotion. If your heart isn’t with the cause, please don’t register.

Can I design my own flash?

Please feel free to make your own flash sheet! There will be a collective flash sheet of simple designs that will take 30 minutes or less to tattoo. You’ll be able to download the sheet when it becomes available. Whatever you’re comfortable with! 

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